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BCS Gatton offers a range of vehicle serving for passenger cars, 4wd, campers and caravans, commercial, truck and fleet vehicles.


Our full equipped workshop is manned by an expert team of mechanics with over 45 years of combined industry experience on site!

Why not book yours in TODAY!


MECHANICAL servicing

Whether its a routine vehicle service, log book service or just one that's very overdue. The expert team of mechanics are on hand for all your passenger, 4x4, caravan, commercial, truck and fleet mechanical servicing


fault finding

P0301 - If you've even seen one of these codes appear on your on-board computer you've probably stood there for a bit scratching your head wondering what the hell it is. Thankfully we have the latest technology in OBD Fault Finding, so we can investigate and advise and save the scratching for later!



Lost pressure, temperature rising, a cracked head or leaking casket. No-one wants to have any of these issues but if you do its good to know you can trust and rely on the team at BCS Gatton to tell it straight and get the job right. 



Slipping, worn or just god-darn had-it! Either way clutch repairs are what we are famous for in the region. Bring your in or get the car to use for your Clutch Repairs.



Inspection - Replacement or Repair. Brakes are probably the most import parts of the safety of your car. Don't wait till its too late or the next foot you put down could cost you a lot more! Book your car in for an inspection TODAY!

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