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CHAIRS and bedding

National park

Check out below our amazing range of

OZ-inspired chairs, swags, stretchers, stools and accessories perfectly suited for the varied Australia climates, conditions and elements.


This Oztent Adventurer Sidekick Stool ticks all the boxes for all your sitting needs. Coming in a compact size of half a meter. This stool can be used as a foot-rest, a fishing stool or even prop up as a table that can withstand loads up to 125kg, perfect for your portable fridge or tool. Don't go fishing or camping trip without this convenient camping chair. Easy to carry at a weight of under 3 kg and as easily folded away for storage.

Oztent Sidekick Lifestyle.jpg
RS1_Series2_Lifestyle (7).jpg

OZTENT rs-1 series II swag

The Oztent RS-1 King Single Swag is the ultimate one-person shelter. Using our innovative 30-second folding frame, the RS-1 Swag easily sets up and packs down within 30 seconds, giving you extra time and headspace to enjoy the beauty of great outdoors. Made from waterproof and fire-retardant ripstop polyester material, the RS-1 Swag provides a fast and effective barrier to the elements. The Series II version of the RS-1 Swag comes with a thicker 40mm mattress to make falling asleep as easy as the 30-second setup. Extra ventilation has been built in to maximise comfort.


The OZTENT Gecko Chair is perfect for every camping getaway. The adjustable table allows you to eat your dinner whilst sitting in exceptional comfort from our lumbar support.

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Oztent King Komodo HotSpoT Sun Lounge

The OZTENT King Komodo HotSpot Chair is the ultimate in luxury camp chairs for all seasons. It boasts OZTENT’s HotSpot technology that allows an incredible passive heating experience for those cold days simply by slipping in your (included) HotSpot pouch. It is super high quality aluminium alloy construction using luxurious 600D polyester fabrics. It is fully padded and has a weight rating of 200Kg. It easily reclines and locks in any place for maximum relaxation. The pull-out side table incorporates recessed drink and phone holders.

Oztent King Goanna Stretcher Series II

The OZTENT King Goanna Stretcher Series II redefines comfort and practicality. Over 2-metres long, with an easy to reach storage system and weight-rated to 150kg, this stretcher is designed for campers of all shapes and sizes. Fully padded to deliver insulation and comfort, the OZTENT King Goanna Stretcher Series II is built atop a
X-legged frame to deliver sturdiness, while making it easy to set up and quick to pack down. This stretcher is big on size and comfort, and tight on storage.

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Goanna Stretcher Studio 2.jpg


Experience true comfort with the Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher Series II, built big, tough and functional with a 200 kg weight rating and designed to hold the OZtent RS-1 Series II Swag. This stretcher offers a massive 1 metre wide bed for ultimate stability and comfort, helping you enjoy a restful night's sleep in the great outdoors. Check out the full Oztent range at Anaconda, available in-store and online!

Goanna Stretcher Studio_ETCH.png

Oztent Gecko Stretcher Series II

The OZTENT Gecko Stretcher Series II is all about comfort and practicality - with an easy to reach storage system and enough room to wriggle.
With insulated padding and sized to fit into an OZTENT RV-3, RV-4 or RV-5, you’re assured a great night’s sleep in any of our tents.

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